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Unregistered 12:07 PM 04-15-2010
Do you have policies regarding biting incidents, hitting, etc? If so what are they? Do you handle it differently if it's a helpers child or your own? I have a friend whose child was eventually kicked out of daycare due to this and I agreed with it as it was a constant issue and several steps had been taken. But it made me think I needed to make some sort of policy also.
AfterSchoolMom 04:53 PM 04-15-2010
My policy states that repeated aggressive or violent behavior are grounds for immediate termination. However, the youngest child in my care is 6, so if they get aggressive with one another, it's usually alot more serious than a toddler, and the older kids know better.
emosks 06:09 PM 04-15-2010
I am in the process of writing a policy right now. We have our written policy stating that this kind of behavior is not accepted...but I've realized that since I've never really dealt with more than the typical toddler hitting...I need to have what will happen when this behavior does occur.

I do have an assistant and her child(ren) are treated just like any daycare child just as my own are. All of the children are required to follow the same rules!
Unregistered 08:04 AM 04-16-2010
I have it in my policy that I retain the right to terminate care immediately if I fell the health and well being of the children in my care are threatened by another child.
Kind of like a blank check.
YOU decide what type of behavior will be your limit and sometimes it will just depend. Certain biting and hitting behavior is just kid stuff, it needs to be dealt with, but it can be worked through.
Other things (choking, chair throwing, malicious behavior that your feel is, well, creepy and out of the ordinary), don't belong in a group care setting.
But that type of stuff can get kind of wordy in a policy and you can't include everything that can get thrown your way (literally, some kids can really surprise you with what they are capable of).
Keep it simple so that when little Bobby stabs little Susie in the face with the play doh knife, but you don't have that written down as a reason for termination in your laundry list policy the parents can't make a fuss over not realizing their precious could get kicked to the curb for his violent tendencies "It was just a plastic knife, it barely broke the skin".
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