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melissa ann 09:13 AM 09-12-2012
Is there a way we can go back a year or two and find the attendance records for children that no longer attend the daycare? I can get total hours for the months in 2010 but can not get the daily attendance by the kids. The kids are no longer in my care. They left in Nov 2011 and I can't even get their attendance records for that year either but I found my calender that had the days/times they were here.
MarinaVanessa 11:07 AM 09-12-2012
Have you tried pullin them up in child information> clicking on their name> then changing their status to active (if you have set them to inactive). Then go back and try again?

Not sure if that'll help you or not. Hope it does
daycare 11:28 AM 09-12-2012
i had to call MMK and they charged me a monthly fee to view my previous year files...I was mad

the reason was because when I renewed my account for some reason they gave me a new one. I have mine combined with my food program, which was not a smooth transition when I did combine them.

You can always call mmk to get help
melissa ann 11:45 AM 09-12-2012
I finally was able to figure out the days the kids were here in 2010. I clicked on the meals and just changed the year to 2010 and it brought those kids no longer with me.
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