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DanceMom 01:47 PM 08-13-2010
I just rcvd my box - This is the first year I am trying this curriculum.

With the last curriculum I was using it basically told me what to do every single day.
This looks like it has activities for each do you plan your weeks compared to the instruction book?
Do you only do the art projects they have or do you incoorporate your own every day ?

Give me a peak into your first week / each day - if you can....??
Michael 02:18 PM 08-13-2010
Check these posts also:
DanceMom 02:39 PM 08-13-2010
I already did...before I posted...none of the posts, which I read all, do not answer my question.
DCMom 03:09 PM 08-13-2010
After reading this, I had to go open my September kit~lol!

I use Fireflies and just pulled out the September guide; it's definately laid out day by day as always. Are you looking at Buttercups? I think that program is more broad and less structured for the younger kids.
DanceMom 04:31 PM 08-13-2010
Yeah, I ordered Buttercups - I almost think I should have ordered Fireflies..Ya think I could just order Fireflies next quarter ? I think should have this time around but I already took the stuff out and colored some of it so I couldnt return it !! Crap !

I emailed them to see if there is ANYWAY to exchange it for firefiles - Im doubtful but maybe being a first time buyer not having a clue what Im doing

Ok long day...ETA - My kids are 12mth / 2 yrs / 2 1/2 yrs and 3 yrs..maybe buttercups IS better for that age? fireflies might be to advanced ? Ugh..should have just stuck with the curriculum Ive always used !! haha...
misol 09:30 PM 08-13-2010
Originally Posted by Heather:
Ugh..should have just stuck with the curriculum Ive always used !! haha...
What were you using before?
DanceMom 06:49 AM 08-14-2010
Originally Posted by misol:
What were you using before?
Carols Affordable - It was soo easy to use, to set up each day. But I thought it was too boring with all the worksheets.
Preschool/daycare teacher 08:20 PM 08-14-2010
I'm using Funsteps and Two Steps for the first time this year. Twosteps is for 2-3 yr olds (but it really looks like children younger than 2 could easily be included), and Funsteps is for 3-5 yr olds. I just received my box, and after looking through it and the lesson plans, it looks absolutely PERFECT. It's laid out so simply, with lesson plans seperated for 3 days a week (but could easily be stretched to five days if you needed. I'm not very creative, but just flipping through the daily lesson plans I thought of several more ideas on how I could add on to the daily lesson plans to go along with the theme. My problem is that I don't have enough time during preschool time to do everything in the lesson plans, plus my own ideas, too (I only have the 2-3 yr olds two days a week, and the 4-5 yr olds three days a week, each class is only about 2 hours after snack, devotions, etc is figured in). So even if you do a five day preschool, I think you would love Twosteps for the age group you mentioned. Maybe not this quarter, but next you may be able to switch to it, if you wanted. They are really nice to work with you at the Funsteps company. I called and asked for a sample for twosteps, and they sent me a whole month's complete curriculum set for FREE! The website address is Since it's a free sample it couldn't hurt to look at it, if you were interested at all.
Preschool/daycare teacher 08:25 PM 08-14-2010
I fogot to mention, there are not a whole bunch of worksheets in the 3-5 yr old Funsteps, and none at all, that I've seen, for the 2-3 yr olds Twosteps.
It's mostly hands-on activities (which follow the NAEYC guidelines)
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