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daycaremom1 04:09 PM 11-05-2010
Not sure if this in inappropriate, hopefully not. Will be group licensed in NYS in January. Wondering what people pay their assistants and subs. DO you pay for holiday or vacation? How much do you pay hourly? Sick time. I am just curious. Thanks!
Abigail 08:30 PM 11-05-2010
We only get paid the next dollar amount above minimum wage, which is less than a dollar more than minimum wage since they just round it up to the nearest dollar. We don't get holiday pay or vacation or benefits, but this is probably why large daycares have bad turnover rates with employees. I would offer a pay raise after three months and then again annually when they were hired. Usually a quarter raise or more is good, anything smaller I think is sad.

It's really up to your budget if you want to offer benefits or special holiday pay. I've never heard of a paid vacation unless you work somewhere for a year usually and even then it's only a few days. I would offer flexibility and unpaid vacation. Remember, it also depends on your area. If someone finds another daycare offering more, they're more than likely to switch unless they really like you.
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