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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>"That's Mine"
mamamanda 11:39 AM 11-17-2015
Dcg 22 mo is very territorial. She hoards whatever she is playing with and says, "that's mine" in a mean tone whenever ds 14mo gets close to her. Most of the time he isn't even concerned with what she has. He just got too close to her. The funny thing is, all of the toys she does this with are actually his. He's sharing with her. And he doesnt mind at all. So why does she feel the need to yell "mine" at him constantly? He couldn't care less, but it irritates me.
Ariana 12:09 PM 11-17-2015
Does she have an older sibling? My youngest is like this (granted she is nearly 3) but she gets it from her older sister as they are always fighting over toys. It started pretty early and she is like it with the kids at the daycare even though most of them are clueless.
mamamanda 01:17 PM 11-17-2015
No siblings. It just started about a week ago.
Controlled Chaos 01:24 PM 11-17-2015
I have a 3 yo that is all about "mine". Drives me nuts. I always say "nope! Its Ms CCs" I say it enough I don't really have to anymore, the other kids say it for me...he'll get the drift eventually.
Tags:hoarder, possessive
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