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jacksmommy13 07:22 AM 08-25-2017
Hi, my new family that's starting soon wants to pay by check instead of electronically and asked for paper receipts. I ordered a duplicate receipt book but it won't be here in time for collecting there deposits/first week. Any idea on what I should use?
Jupadia 07:26 AM 08-25-2017
I just have a simple recipt book I but from the dollor store.
finsup 07:48 AM 08-25-2017
I get mine at Walmart but you can just hand write a receipt for this time and tell them you can give them an "official" one when your book comes in.
I bet there's a bunch of places to print off a template for it too if you didn't want to just write it out
Cat Herder 08:13 AM 08-25-2017
There are many templates free online that look more professional. You simply fill out online, print 2 copies and sign both. Be sure to keep the second copy for your records.

hwichlaz 08:28 AM 08-25-2017
What system do you use for epay? Is it minute menu or kidkare?

if so, you can just send them a printed invoice from when you enter their payment. If you don't have a printer you can choose "print to pdf" instead and email it to them.
TheMisplacedMidwestMom 09:46 AM 08-25-2017
I got mine at Walmart as well. Until I made it to the store though, I googled a receipt template for Word and used that for the first week.
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