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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Best Online Place To Buy Daycare Supplies?
sophiamartinez 05:29 AM 03-01-2018
Good morning,

All right we are so excited! Our home and space location is all in order. Now we just need to front the initial money to purchase all the child care furniture and toys and such. Being money conscious, where would you guys suggest? I have a consignment shop nearby so I'll of course check there too. But online places - what do you experts think? Thank you for your time
Cat Herder 05:46 AM 03-01-2018
My favorites. - Furniture - Cleaning supplies/ Utilities - Craft supply and - Toys (many can be found on amazon as well.)
Tin Blues 08:22 AM 03-01-2018
Iíve found some nice quality stuff at Lakeshore Learning and Discount School Supply. But I wouldnít say itís cheap. Seems like all the school/daycare supply stores are pretty pricey.
storybookending 09:09 AM 03-01-2018
You should also look into if your neighborhood has any online garage sale sites on Facebook or check the marketplace. I refuse to pay full price for new things when I can typically find what I need a great used condition for less than half the price. Itís a good option for the things you can afford to wait on, the wants more than the needs.
sophiamartinez 02:22 PM 03-08-2018
Thank you for the resources. Ouch this is going to get pricy lol. I like lakeshore too. Thanks guys have a great day!
TooManyKitties 03:03 PM 03-08-2018
Craigslist is also a really great option for all kinds of toys like blocks, toy kitchens, wooden train sets, duplos, and things like that.
LittleExplorers 07:13 AM 03-09-2018
If you are handy, you can get ideas from places like Lake shore and then make them. Ikea for some things, Facebook garage sales, Craigslist, repurpose things, thrift store etc. I am super thrifty. The only things I buy new are things with grant money as they have to be, things that are cheaper to buy than make or things I don't think I can meet safety standards making myself. I do like amazon for some things. I always check sites like ebates before ordering online for cash back bonuses.

Also, start with the basics. Once you start you may end up not using what you thought you would and wanting things you didn't think of.
flying_babyb 04:29 PM 03-10-2018
IKEA!! all our daycare centers plates, cups, spoons& forks came from there. Most of the toy bins, some toys ect came from there too. They have lots of good stuff. also look on creighlist for daycare that are closing, they have the best cheap sales.
Lil_Diddle 12:39 AM 03-11-2018
I am constantly checking craigslist for daycare preschool closings. Iíve gotten some great deals and quality furniture and educational resources at 1/4 of the price of buying new
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