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jojosmommy 10:30 AM 12-02-2011
I have a 6 month old who will sleep anywhere but in a pnp. I don't allow it. our regs say the need to be in a bed, on their backs with no blankets/lovies until they are 1. I was recently off for maternity and have a dck infant who has been doing CIO for the last three weeks with no success. She will fall asleep in a swing, in my arms, even on the floor while playing with all the other kids around. The minute I put her in her crib she screams and screams. By 11 am she is nuts, overtired, and we all suffer until 4:30 when she goes home. Whine, in bed, CIO, back out of pnp, cycle starts over....

Her mom wants to be off the week prior to Christmas and while I would love the break how do I address the issue of starting over with nap routine? Do I even mention it or just plan to wear earplugs, JK for the entire month of January?
Zoe 10:31 AM 12-02-2011
If the kid is that upset during the day because of nap issues, I'd definitely mention your concerns about it and what you two can do together so that the little one gets consistency.
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