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jn79 08:27 PM 07-28-2013
I would like to know what are the limitations for a home that has a dual license for home daycare and foster home in California. For example: If I were to have 6 daycare children and I am called to foster 2 siblings. Community care licensing does not have a limit from what I understand... as long as you are within the capacity allowed for your daycare. However, I was told that the the limitation set for foster parents is a total of six children in the home. If this is correct, then a a foster family cannot really work as a large home daycare. Any info would be great. Thank you in advance!
Familycare71 08:30 PM 07-28-2013
I am an approved foster home in NY... I would talk to my home finder case worker to find out the answer... Maybe start there? Here it would be dependent on room and resources to determine how many foster children you can take- and my dc has nothing to so with those numbers -
Starburst 01:53 AM 07-29-2013
I have wondered the same thing because I am interested in doing foster care also, after I start my daycare. Because I know your own children count for your numbers up to age 10, so maybe they wouldn't count if the children are older then 10 (which is good because tweens and teens are the hardest to find group homes for and if they are over 14 they can count as ur assistant; if you have a large family license).

I know one local provider who did foster care and home daycare (she even eventually adopted her foster son) but I forgot to ask her about that. I have heard that some providers get a foster license, in addition to a FCC license so they can do 24/7 care.
Unregistered 06:43 AM 07-29-2013
You probably should check with licensing. My foster kids only count on my license if they are under 2.
Crystal 07:12 AM 07-29-2013
I'm not absolutely certain, so you should call and ask, but my SIL used to do foster care AND have a large license and it was not an issue. I am thinking foster care regs mean no more than six can LIVE in the home.
jn79 09:14 AM 07-29-2013
Thank you everyone! @ Crystal - Yes, that was also my understanding and I have seen foster parents have large home childcare license and up to 6 foster children. Although this was many years ago. Now, I was told that the licensing for foster parents have changed in that it can only allow up to 6-8 children combined. I have searched online, called community care licensing, and checked with the foster care agency and have not received a concrete answer. I am waiting for a callback from social services but it's been over a week. The foster care agency is the one who mentioned it to me in passing. They stated it changed last year but I have not found anything online through the state website.

The search continues. Happy Monday Everyone. :-)
Willow 10:12 AM 07-29-2013
I know things aren't likely to be identical because I'm in MN but when I was dualy licensed my foster kids did count in my numbers up through age 11 *but* they'd frequently and readily grant me variences within reason. Particularly if they knew a placement would be emergency or short term.
Margarete 10:25 AM 07-29-2013
It's also possible that it's not 'state regulations' but your local foster care agency's interpretation of state regulations. I think it's worth actually writing someone in the state/ and or local agency about it if it's a hardship. I'm pretty sure there isn't any rules that foster kids can't 'attend' a large family child care center, it really doesn't make sense that you can't do one in your home when you are counting them in your numbers for total children and additional staff.
jn79 10:40 AM 07-29-2013
Hi Margarete

That is what I think might be happening. Right now I only have one child fulltime in my daycare, my own toddler son, and three siblings in foster care. So I am not comfortable taking in additional daycare children if I would be breaking a licensing rule for fostering. As soon as I find out I will post the answer. So many rules but worth it in the end!
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