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MotherNature 12:01 PM 08-20-2013
My husband & I have discussed adopting a child, probably from the foster care system, if we are unable to conceive again. I know every state is different in what it allows in regard to fostering while running an in-home daycare. Also, I am legally unlicensed. Does anyone have any advice and/or stories of fostering while doing in-home care? I'm not even sure what Indiana's stance on it is. I guess I could call CPS and find out, but we haven't really pursued this yet. Thanks!
Willow 12:30 PM 08-20-2013
Every state is different, and beyond that every county in every state can vary.

There are many counties my state that don't allow dual licensure but the two I've Bern licensed in do.

It's best to call your daycare licensor and just ask. Some do both the daycare and foster care licensing while in other larger counties they have a separate licensor for both. CPS workers likely wouldn't be aware if it's an option for you
butterfly 12:35 PM 08-20-2013
I'm not in your state, but I've fostered and done daycare for several years. In our state the kids are viewed as your own, meaning if they are school age they don't count in your numbers, you don't get paid to do their daycare, the food program views them as your own children as well...

It's sometimes hard to make sure you leave space open for foster children as you never know when or if you'll have foster children. It's some what of a balancing act as to how many daycare children you should have enrolled. Sometimes it stinks to turn down paying customers to make sure I have space for foster kids.

Then some of the foster kids you get are so "damaged" emotionally - sometimes physically. They need a lot of extra care and love. It's also difficult balancing that too.

Some kids can have severe behavior issues - possibly putting your daycare children in harms way...

It was a very rewarding experience, but it's really taxing on you and your family if you don't have a very good support system and if you aren't in a very good place financially....

Praying for you and your decision.
Cat Herder 12:57 PM 08-20-2013
When I fostered in the early '90's the only major hiccups I encountered had to do with

(1)receiving state assistance for childcare payments
(2) food program claims
(3) multiple inspections through different program "umbrellas" (with varying standards)
(4) the kids counting into my ratios until the age of 13.

*Not really different than having your own kids, though.

Since there was already a monthly payment for fostering (similar to child support) obviously billing to provide food and child care was "in poor taste". That did not stop many, some went as far as reciprocal enrolling kids in friends care so each could claim more.

I am sure there are much tighter standards, now. This should be discussed in the training courses they require, though.
MotherNature 06:02 PM 08-20-2013
Thanks everyone!
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