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PB&J 04:09 PM 10-09-2019
Are there any special concerns to be aware of when taking a foster child? Contract is with foster mom. No pictures on social media allowed, and no release to birth family is documented. Baby leaves for family visits and returns to finish the day; we are allowing this as an exemption to the “one drop off and pick up” because of extenuating circumstances and age of baby (on own schedule at this age)...has anyone regretted allowing this? Payments are secure, so that is not an issue.
springv 04:34 PM 10-09-2019
We have foster children that come quite frequently within our center and sometimes from the same foster parent that we've had in the past. Dhr comes and gets the child or children and takes them for their visit and brings them back at the end of the visit and cma which helps famlilies that cannot pay for daycare pay for their tuition because they are foster and we usually have them a couple of months or it has been a few days up to a week and we've never regretted it
284878 05:17 AM 10-10-2019
I have foster kids in my day care. Feel free to message me at any time if you have any direct questions.
Cat Herder 08:10 AM 10-10-2019
It is pretty easy to accommodate with infants. It becomes more difficult with age and how long the child was exposed to adverse experiences.
Pestle 12:12 PM 10-10-2019
I've had two foster kids in my program. The first was a disaster; the second was great.

The first was with the same parents from birth, but birth mom was on drugs and the child, at 4, had unmanageable jealousy and rage and I couldn't keep them. Smashed furniture, rushing in to overturn every activity the other kids were focused on, lunging to hit if I was attending to another child.

The second was a school-age child, put in the system at age 7 and thriving away from Mom, who mercifully didn't get too methed out until after delivery. Seven years of neglect, not abuse. Other than learned attempts to please by acting overly cute and sassy, and occasional toilet accidents, this child was developmentally typical and a joy to have around. I kept them off and on during school holidays for around a year and they're still thriving with the foster parents now that they've moved out of town.

So it really depends upon the circumstances
PB&J 03:55 AM 10-11-2019
Originally Posted by 284878:
I have foster kids in my day care. Feel free to message me at any time if you have any direct questions.
I am concerned about a couple of things. Thank you you for offering your experience. I’ll message you later!
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