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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Supervision of Children Online Course 01:42 PM 02-03-2012
I found this site that has a few online classes for providers and dcw. - interested to know what you all think of this idea in general, that is: is online training for childcare professionals good/worthwhile?
Cat Herder 03:02 PM 02-03-2012
I take online training courses almost weekly (daily for a while, now). I love them...

Check out Care Courses and your State website for more options, too.

Not all courses are approved in all States, so I'd recommend checking before paying for classes...unless you are simply interested for your own reasons.

Not all the classes I take are accepted, but some of them have been the BEST ones I have had....
Heidi 03:33 PM 02-03-2012
also check with your state's NAEYC association. If they offer a TEACH scholarship, you may be able to take classes for credit on scholarship!

I am taking 2 3-credit classes at a technical college each semester right now-all online!
Countrygal 07:23 AM 02-04-2012
I took my training for certification online, but they weren't too thrilled with it. They had to accept it, though. I think it was every bit as thorough as an on campus course.
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