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Kcole1075 10:55 AM 02-27-2014
My rule for board games is if you aren't going to play fair and follow the rules of the game then it has to be put away.

Is this rule fair?

I have two school age kids that usually get the games out after homework but it is constant arguing and yelling about who isnt playing right or fair. I am just sick of the problems.
KSDC 11:07 AM 02-27-2014
I have that rule for all of my toys and all of my ages. If you can't be kind while playing with it, then I put it away.
Blackcat31 11:20 AM 02-27-2014
I agree. If they fight and/or argue have them put it away. NO matter who started it.

They'll figure out a way to play nice together (even if it isn't fair) or they won't get to play at all.

It doesn't take them long....especially if they are SA'ers. They have the cognitive ability to manage conflict resolution, sadly some kids just don't have to.
Kcole1075 12:47 PM 02-27-2014
I have had to uses this rule very rarely before I got the board games. I have toddlers and I used it on them in the beginning and they are getting it more.

I have been doing this since I got the games. Yesterday I got called mean by a 3rd grader because i had to enforce this rule again!!. I told her that I am far from mean and she isn't allowed to talk to me that way.
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