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Unregistered 01:25 PM 01-10-2012
All of our children went to the same daycare so we had a friendly relationship with this daycare. Our youngest (age 4) was terminated in early December because another parent had complained that our child was touching her child inappropriately. There were 3 seperate instances and we were not notified until the 3rd and final instance when the decision to terminate our child was made.

When we questioned why we were not informed of the pattern behavior, the director explained that that these are 4 year old children and although not appropriate that she did not feel anything sexually devient or even "reportable" was taking place and added that no teachers witnesses any of the incidents and both children were spoken with. The other Mother however had pulled her child out claiming "sexual abuse" resulting in the director calling her attoerney. The director's attorney advised her to terminate our child, call the police and county human services for a CYA.

We were very frustrated with this but understood that the daycare had to take the advise of their attorney and really just wanted to moved on.

We received a call for the local police department explaining that based on the facts they had is sounded like normal 4 year old behavior (I think anything goes that is non-violent under the age of 6), and they did not want to pursue the case and as long both parents agreed (which we did). He even stated that he was "throwing away the notes that had".

Low and behold we recently tried to put our child in another daycare. The other parent got wind of where our child was enrolled (small town) and informed the new daycare of the previous incident stating that they could check it out because it was "on record". The new day told us that they had to terminate our child based on information from the "cabinet for child protective services".

We freaked out. We called the old daycare who says they have no additional information. We called the County Child Protection Services and they very careful with the information they gave us stating that there were no open cases regarding our daughter. When asked about closed cases they said had no additional information that they could give me.

It seems absurd but apparently the parent of a 4 year is not able to SEE what is on their child's report that is available to other daycares (and who know who else or how long it will follow her araound) let alone dispute it.

Bizzaire as it sounds to me, I guess that my step to enage a Family Law Attorney and attempt to get a copy of whatever report is out there and then I guess that the next steps will be possibley challenging it.

Does anybody have any insight or ideas how to proceed or how you would proceed. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


Unregistered 01:50 PM 01-10-2012
Sorry for all the typos and missed words - I guess I my brain was not in sync with my fingers.

familyschoolcare 03:43 PM 01-10-2012
Is there someone you know that can tell you how to find out what is on the "cabinet for child protective services" report, or even what it is. I have never heard of such a thing.
Unregistered 06:17 PM 01-10-2012
I had a brief discussion with a Family Law Attorney today. I feel much better after they explained the process regarding a report with the Cabinet for Child Protective Services. This verbiage may be unique to our state (KY).

As I said, I feel much better but I will summarize my long conversion as I stared the thread. It would very unlikely that negative information on such a report would exist without our knowledge.

Once a report is made and taken - it is deemed as meeting criteria or not. If the report was deemed to meet criteria - it would be escalated to the investigation phase at which point Child Protective Services would assign a case worker, interviewed our child and most likely us. After the case investigation is complete, the case is then deemed either sustantiated or unsubstantiated at which a letter a sent from the cabinet.

My thought (after the discussion with the attorney) is that the report was deemed to not meet criteria for the reasons in the original post and simply died there. My guess is that the new daycare did not want to deal any type of "situation" and regurgitated what was told to them by the other parent without any real follow up.

Not the best scenario but definitely better than my initial fears that there is a government agency report out there blackballing my 4 year old from daycare/preschool for unproven reasons.

Thanks for letting me vent and great forum.

Michael 06:26 PM 01-10-2012
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
Thanks for letting me vent and great forum.

Thanks for the compliment. May initials ar MC too. Consider registering with us!
Unregistered 06:29 PM 01-10-2012
Talking through it is probably a better choice of words then "venting". I definitely will register.

Thanks again,
Michael 06:31 PM 01-10-2012
Great! If you register and post here again under your new username I will upgrade your status now. That way you can post freely and unmoderated. Otherwise it will take until tomorrow.
countrymom 06:57 PM 01-10-2012
wow, first big hugs to you. Hmm, I would first have a problem with the daycare and the director, and why were these children not surpervised, even after the first incident. Second, can you sue that parent for slander, by the sounds of it, it sounds like she is now stalking you.
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