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tenderhearts 12:52 PM 09-07-2012
for parents on the first day of daycare for their child. Something for reasurrance that their child will be given lots of love. Does anyone know of one? I've searched and searched and I can't find one, I was going to try and make one but I'm not very poetic.
daycare 01:11 PM 09-07-2012
how about this.... i love this poem

Today like millions of other Americans
I went to work. I didn't design a beautiful skyscraper,

I didn't write a proposal to save an endangered species,
and I didn't drive a bus or fly a plane,
or write a crucial bill that would someday become a law.

However, I did spend time with some very important people.

I read a story to an attorney,
I sang the alphabet song with a Supreme Court Justice.

I ate Lunch with a pastor,
and patted the back of an engineer until he fell asleep.

Taught a policeman how to tie his shoes,
and introduced an astronaut to the color red.

Tomorrow, who knows whom I'll meet,
but one thing is for sure.....

They will be very IMPORTANT
For they are our precious children,
and the hope of our very future.
tenderhearts 01:49 PM 09-07-2012
thank you, I'd love to see more.
Michael 03:14 PM 09-07-2012
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