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jenboo 01:04 PM 07-25-2016
So far, I am loving the brightwheel app. I bought a tablet so that parents could check their child in/out each day. My plan was to print out the reports at the end of the month and have the parent sign it.
For some reason, I thought you could print reports for individual children but it only lets you print a document with every kid on it,
Am I missing something or did I just make this feature up?
I really want to print each kid's check in/out report individually.
284878 08:05 AM 07-27-2016
Have you tried contacting brightwheel?
jenboo 08:23 AM 07-27-2016
Originally Posted by 284878:
Have you tried contacting brightwheel?
Not yet. I'm doing that next. I'm sure I just imagined the individual reports
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