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CityGarden 09:57 AM 07-29-2018
Brightwheel certainly has it's strengths (daily reports/ digital journal, nice layout, billing, attendance, etc.) but I decided early on it was not for me..... I have come to loath the obligation of daily reports, hate that is needs to be done in an app and is not desktop friendly, and have come to not like the delay in getting the funds into my account.

Lucky me, the final family who was still using Brightwheel (only for payments at this point since I fazed out every other use) gave notice that August is their last month so I am really excited to be completely done with Brighthweel after their August tuition payment on the 1st!!!!!

It's the little things
DaveA 03:32 AM 07-30-2018
Reading the title I thought you were using Brightwheel to give term notice to DCP.

I've never used it. Honestly I keep the business side of my program as basic as possible. I don't use things like that. DCPs hand me cash or check, I put it in bank next time I drive by. Simple
CityGarden 10:37 AM 07-30-2018
LOL Dave that would be a easy feature for Brightwheel to add though....

Yes I have learned keeping the business side as streamlined as possible is a good idea!!! I learned that pretty quickly.

This family that is leaving (aging out but could have stayed another year and been the oldest) was my first enrolled so I have learned alot since then... with their departure for me means:

- No more Brightwheel Daily Note pressure (it was a selling point for them so I have just been doing these for them)
- No more Brightwheel Payments which delay funds to me
- Opening time will be 30 minutes later, they were my only family that needed me open 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the group
- I can consider shortening my preschool program to not include nap (there were two families that would have been impacted, now I am down to one)
- I may also consider changing the date payments are due since I have mostly a new group coming in.
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