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Unregistered 03:47 PM 07-28-2008
A father came in today and wanted to speak with me (I am his kids afternoon teacher but his kids wre not there today) he told me that his children (3 yr olds) told him that another teacher (their afternoon teacher) slapped one of his children! I dont know what to do. I feel that I handeled this situation and the conversation very well with this father. I was very professional. His whole point of coming in was he wanted to know if his child ever hits or gets hit by other kids. Which of course he does. I explained to him that the children have a good time at daycare but all children occasionally get into altercations with their friends. He said that he wasnt sure if his kids were telling him that the teacher slapped him or if another friend slapped him. But he did state that both his children said the teachers name. I told him that I understand his concern and that i would definitly speak to the director about this but he said he wants me to keep this to myself and doesnt want to make a big deal until he speaks with his wife. I was really torn on what to do, but I decided to cover myself, i better speak with the director (who by the way is my close relative). I told her and she totally thought this was crazy and doesnt believe a word of it. She said she is definitly bringing this up to the parents tomarrow morning! i feel really bad because the dad was so friendly about this to me and i told him i would keep this between me and him like he wanted (what else was i supposed to say at the time!) but I went against his trust. But my reasoning for going against his trust is justified because even if this is nonsense or not I feel it is info that should be relayed to the boss, even though the director thinks this is nonsense. What do you all think. Please tell me i did the right thing by telling the director. What do i say to this father tomorrow when i see him? because the director said she is going to confront him. Thanks
Unregistered 04:57 AM 07-29-2008
just to clarify...I mean their Morning teacher did this, I'm the afternoon teacher
Texasjeepgirl 05:06 AM 07-30-2008
I am a Licensed HOME provider...rather than in a facility (TEXAS)...
but I feel that you did the right thing by speaking to the director.
I understand the feeling of being 'put on the spot' by the parent requesting your silence,.....however....any incident of suspected abuse should definetely be reported to the director immediately, so that she can be full aware of the situation and take proper action.
This parent could determine later, after speaking with the child/children further, that the information was incorrect, but, in the meantime they could also decide to make a report to CPS....
Ultimately, the director is the person who is responsible for dealing with these issues.
Unregistered 07:49 PM 01-22-2009
first off you might want to go back to your training in child abuse no child should ever be hit and if it was me I would have called the state so that they can check in to this. Because maybe the Dir knew about it but didnt want to do anything about it. It is our job as teacher to make sure that they children are safe. I belive that you did the right thing so dont let it get to you because if you did nothing it could get worse and if something happen to child you are as guilty as the person that did it.
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