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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Nanny...How'd The Dead Fish Thing Turn Out?
SilverSabre25 10:05 AM 09-09-2011
I don't remember if I ever saw on update with what you decided to do regarding the dead fish in your son's fishing backpack. Care to share? It's a slow day and I'm bored...this inquiring mind wants to know the rest of the story!
nannyde 10:19 AM 09-09-2011
Oh he did it to me again.

I bought him a minnow bucket so he could catch his own bait at the lake and he used it to keep a small bass in lakewater.

He left it out in the garage overnight so when I went in in the afternoon... there the DISGUSTING stink was again. A small decomposing bass floating upside down in putrid water.

Luckily it was just water and not maggots and bugs.

I put it outside and made him carry it over to the park to dump it. I didn't want it in my garbage can. He slopped some of the water on himself on the way over and then tried to come in and change clothes.

Ahhhh NO

I had him play for a few hours in it... so he got the idea.
wdmmom 10:36 AM 09-09-2011
Meeko 10:36 AM 09-09-2011
LOL! He won't be doing that again any time soon!!! Oh the joys of parenthood!
DaycareMama 11:42 AM 09-09-2011
When I was a teenager I LOVED fishing and I would go after school to my favorite spot. I however DID NOT like taking the fish off the hooks. So I would bring multiple rods and when I caught a fish I would put the rod and fish in my trunk. I would then go home and ask my dad to "remove" them for me. I don't know if it was to teach me a lesson or if he just forgot but they got left for 4 days without me touching my car in the summer. Oh my what a horrible smell!!!! But my father and I did laugh when we realized.
Thanks for bringing back a fun memory of my dad and I

If you don't mind me asking ... How old is your son??
Hunni Bee 08:32 PM 09-09-2011
My mom told me when my older brothers when to sleep-away camp in the 70's...they caught a bird and decided bring it home. They apparently thought it was a good idea to bring it home in their luggage. And forgot about it. So when my mom went to unpack their stuff several days later and wash the disgusting clothes they wore at camp...hello decomposing bird!!

...I hope I have girls
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