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gumdrops 06:08 AM 01-16-2020
How do you get it out of the carpet? I've never had the smell linger this long. I've scrubbed the carpet numerous times, opened windows (it's 30 degrees outside), diffused oils in the room, nothing is working. She threw up yesterday morning and luckily I can close the room off, but I thought by this morning, we'd be able to use the room again.

What products do you use to get the smell to go away?
Valerie928 07:25 AM 01-16-2020
Oh my....I can't even imagine having that lingering smell! I use Nature's Miracle. It is sold in pet stores but it works perfectly for human messes too. Good luck
Blackcat31 07:29 AM 01-16-2020

It really works great for removing the smell.

You can buy it at Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon etc...
Cat Herder 09:53 AM 01-16-2020
I also use odoban.
CeriBear 05:29 AM 01-17-2020
Iím really into using natural cleaners so I use Thieves cleaner available through Young Living essential oils. Iíve never tried it on vomit but it works well on getting urine and poopy smells out.
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