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PeanutsGalore 02:51 PM 04-01-2011
Now that I'm on the verge of filling all of my open slots, it's becoming clear to me that I need to stop pushing off continuing education.

Before I spend my last few dollars joining professional organizations without knowing how helpful they'll be, I'm looking for recommendations. I'd like to find organizations that base training methods on developmentally appropriate practices in combination with what actually works, preferably one which has people I can meet with in person. So that's number one...number two is learning how to (gently!) train children. I need books/classes/firsthand knowledge on what specific and developmentally appropriate methods work best to deal with basic unwanted behaviors from infancy on, aside from very old-school traditional methods. Like how to deal with sleep training with persistent babies who will scream straight for 8 hours if you let them. Or how to deal with temper tantrums when you know the baby needs nothing (everything I've found has been for dealing with tantrums in a 2 year old and up), or just how to stop kids from doing things like jumping on the sofa (and off!), or pulling apart a mat that isn't supposed to pull apart. And i really do need own son is toddling already and the little girl I watch is heading there, and I need to retrain them with some things and help them learn good habits before they start doing things that are going to get them hurt. I can see the sofa scenario setting itself up already...

Third...I'm trying to figure out how to find out if there is a network of SAHM daycare providers by location for support and backup care and referrals and whatnot.

Lots of questions, I know, and this site has been great, but if you can pass along suggestions on any organizations, great books, your own personal techniques, or anything else you all are familiar with, I'd appreciate it. How did you all learn when you first started out?
Abigail 12:48 AM 04-02-2011
You should google locally organizations. I found one on facebook that was local. You could also place an ad on craigslist for support, but you're leaving yourself open to a variety of people who may not have creditials to help.

I like to watch Super Nanny for discipline and incentive techniques with a variety of children. I also love her accent! I know your screaming infant problem is fairly specific so I would ask for that child's doctor name/number and let the parents know you want to call and ask for more information yourself. I know an 8 month old who screams CONSTANTLY and everytime this baby is brought to the clinic they find another thing wrong!
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