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athomemommy 10:28 AM 05-03-2011
So I have watched my nephew for a while now and have gained two more. I would like to run it more like a daycare with structure and learning but just can not get it together. My routines are always thrown off. I have 2 three years olds and 3 one year old, 1o f them will be two in June.The other two are 15 mts The three year olds will be 4 in June and July. I am cool with spending a lot of time outside like but think it is too much free time some times. We were out from 8:30 till 11. we eat and take naps and then head back outside. I feel like I get nothing picked up and no preschool learning has taken place. I want a routine that they know what is going to happen. what does your day look like when you have different ages like I do? HOw to make everyone happy?

I also have one that groans or whines most on the day. How do I get her to stop that? DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! She takes a paci at nap but not during the day.

And how do you have your home laid out for the kids? free for all ( like I do now) or is stations or areas? Does everyone help clean up? how to transition? Thanks.
Zoe 11:43 AM 05-03-2011
My day starts out with breakfast. Then the kids have free play from 8:30 to 9:15, which is when we have morning snack. Then more free play til 10am. That's our circle time. We sing songs, learn the calendar, and focus on one letter and one color every week. After circle time we do a project.

Then they wash their hands and watch a short video on netflix (Dora or something like that) while I make lunch. Lunch is at 11. If it's nice outside, we'll go outside after lunch until 12:30. We then go in, go to the bathroom, diaper change, then read stories. After story time is nap. After nap is snack then either back outside or free time indoors, depending on the weather. I do this every day and the kids always know what is next.

I have 2 3yo kids and 2 5yo, so I might change things depending on the ages, but this is what works for me.

Since you have such a mixed age, you could set up a station or two to show the littles how to play with certain toys. This may help later on during free time.

As far as the whining goes, I tell them to stop whining. I hate whining and try to redirect the child to an activity when they're doing so. Or make them take a morning nap if they seem extra whiny. They might just be tired!

My living room, dining room area is one open room and I let the kids play all over it. They just can't play with toys near my piano or on the couch.

Everyone cleans up. I sing a song from Barney (clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do your share). They love that.

When I want to transition, I give them a 2 minute warning. I just say "two minutes then we're going to _______________" Then when it's time, I sing the clean up song and they know what to do and where to go.

Hope this helps!
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