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SunflowerMama 06:50 AM 06-06-2011
Our local library is having a reading program for kids age 3 and up this summer. 25 minutes of reading per day for 25 days. You just log the reading time and each child gets a prize at the end of the 25 days.

I've signed all my dcks up for it but was thinking about maybe adding some more reading geared activities/challenges/etc. during these summer months.

Weekly I get new books from the libary to go along with our theme but I was thinking about maybe picking one day a week for kids to bring their favorite book from home or pick one book a week and plan a snack around, etc.

Does anyone do anything like this?
Blackcat31 12:10 PM 06-06-2011
We have a Reading Machine that comes every other week to keep kids reading in the summer time. It is basically a traveling library and the kids love it!

My childcare participates in the "Book-it" for beginners program too. The kids each get to log the amount of hours they spent reading with their parent for a month and at the end, each kid who has read a certain number of hours earns a certificate for a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. It is very similar to the "Book it" program they do in elementary schools but geared more for preschoolers.
DCMom 12:20 PM 06-06-2011
We do BookIt Beginners also; the kids LOVE earning the pizza certificates and my dcp's really get into it with their kids. We do one round in the winter and one round in the summer, because they always send more than enough coupons which is really nice.
SunflowerMama 01:42 PM 06-06-2011
I remember doing Book It when I was little. So much fun!

I just checked in the FAQ and it says the Book It Beginner program has been discontinued.

Do you all just sign up for the regular Book It Program for K and up?

The BOOK IT! Beginners® Program for preschool and pre-K has been discontinued. We will continue to support early literacy with the R.E.D. Zone - Read Every Day. We have heard from many teachers and parents that the interactive materials we provide are key in encouraging read-aloud time. As a result, we are excited to continue to provide many web printables and resources for parents and teachers in support of early childhood literacy.

This change will allow more focus on the effort that launched Pizza Hut's commitment to literacy 25 years ago, the BOOK IT!® Program. We look forward to encouraging a love of reading in your children and students as they grow and enter the BOOK IT! Program which starts in kindergarten.

DCMom 02:13 PM 06-06-2011
Oh no! That's too bad; we are still using the coupons from last summer. They sent me about 50 of them and I only have 10 kids. They don't have an expiration date, so I didn't want them to go to waste. I hope families have been able to use them!
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