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mrsking14 09:30 AM 06-06-2011
I've been working in childcare for 7 years and have a CDA. I've always dreamed of owning my own center. I stopped working when my daughter was born 7 months ago. We bought a house just before she was born that has the perfect bonus room converted from a garage that would be great to watch kids in my house. Right now I'm helping a friend watch kids in her house on Friday's but am really considering finally doing it on my own. In TN I can have 4 children aside from my 2. That would be perfect. My husband knows it would cost us money to get it started and ready for kids so I'm working on making a list of everything I will need.

Any suggestions on what I should charge? I really don't want to offer part-time simply because it seems more of a hassle and I want steady kids who will be here every day. I'm also not wanting to take any children under 2 simply because I don't want to be overwhelmed with younger kids. My daughter is a handful herself!

Any suggestions would be awesome. Also, I'm really wanting to get a table like in childcare centers that will seat 4-6 kids for art and lunches. I know they are pretty pricey. Any of you find a good deal on one?
kidkair 12:11 PM 06-06-2011
Go to every rummage/garage sale you can get to for toys and supplies. You may even find a table at one.

For rates I would check out what other people in your area are charging. Contact your local CCR&R and they should be able to help you determine average rates and you can go from there. Once you start advertising be prepared to deny care to those wanting part-time care or younger than 2 care because you'll get those calls no matter what your ad says.

Good luck!
melskids 06:39 AM 06-07-2011
i found a butcher block dining room table at a yard sale for $10!!!! i had my hubby cut the legs down to the right child height. i can fit 6-8 kiddos around it!!!!
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