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Unregistered 12:48 PM 08-12-2011
I don't have a separate nap room, it is the worst part of my set up. I have a group of kids that are 1-2.5 right now. Nap time today was more like a screaming contest than any sort of rest period. I curious how you handle nap time failures. TIA
Blackcat31 04:05 PM 08-12-2011
The environment is the biggest influence on the kids.

Make sure the room is dim and comfortable. Not too hot and not too cold. Play some soothing music or white noise. I use audio books with favorite stories.

You have to set the stage and develop a routine that signals to these kids and their bodies that it is quiet/rest time. Even if you need to physically lie down and show them how to be quiet or simply sit in the room and talk softly and quietly to correct them if they start getting loud or active. You need to figure out what makes your kids tick so you can figure out how to turn that off.

Some kids need to be physically worn out in order to lie down quietly, others need to transition in a more subtle way before simply laying down and being still and quiet.

Take a look at what you are doing now and pay attention to what does or doesn't work.
cheerfuldom 08:36 AM 08-13-2011
There are no other options to separate at least one or two of the worst screamers?
christinaskids 11:35 AM 08-13-2011
I always sit and rub the back of one little guy that has a hard time, but I stay with all of them until they are all asleep otherwise it gets to be crazy. I keep a fan going and the tv off too until everyone is asleep. Even my school aged kids take a nap everyday. I tell them they have to just lay there until everyone is asleep, but they end up falling asleep anyway. You could try blackout curtains or lullaby music too.
Meeko 05:54 PM 08-13-2011
I have a white noise machine. I also have a great cd that plays very calming music along with soft ocean waves sounds. All my kids (16 of 'em) CRASH OUT AT NAP TIME.
LittleD 04:30 PM 08-14-2011
I have a loud dehumidifer that i leave on. I also sit in the room with my mobile device (which is why most of my posts are around one pm) until they fall asleep
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