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Sunchimes 06:12 PM 10-03-2013
I know we talk a lot here about starting "school" too early vs learning by play. I saw this today and thought of us. Actually, I saw it on my timeline, so the chances are good that one of you posted it on her FB.
MyAngels 10:16 PM 10-03-2013
Excellent article
Michelle 06:49 AM 10-04-2013
Cool article but all my kids are reading at age 4 because they are capable of doing it and where we live, they are doing book reports in kinder.

We still learn through play but they would be totally bored without their self lead reading time every day and the parents love it!

but I do see how this article will ease the guilt of parents who don't want to work with their kids to teach them to read but if we did that, our kids would be very behind when they started kinder
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