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Movingforward 12:13 AM 03-19-2015
How do you handle a group of mixed aged children? Right now I have a 5 month old, a 15 month old and a 27month old. Are they kept together most of the time? What age do you get them on the same nap schedule?

It's pretty stressful making sure they don't hurt each other, share, and for them to do anything together. This makes me hesitant to enroll more children : ( and I'm beginning to think this business is not right for me after 1 1/2 month into this. My sister is doing this with me. It is overwhelming even though there is the two of us with 3 kids.
Josiegirl 04:16 AM 03-19-2015
You have a young group. I'd try to keep the 5 mo separated just for safety reasons, unless you're sitting right there. I used to keep infants in a bouncy seat, watching the others play, while I sat with them and played.
I don't know if your middle one still takes 2 naps a day or able to get away with 1?
With similar ages, I remember taking them all outdoors in the a.m., littlest taking a nap outside in a carriage(am I showing my age??), while the others would play. Then I'd try to work their nap times to be the same in the afternoon.
It takes a little juggle to get them on a similar routine but children grow so fast, pretty soon they will be. And having your sister working with you is definitely a bonus!!
Another thing I've noticed with my group of toddlers/preschoolers, is that they do much better with a group activity as opposed to letting them play together with toys. For example, the rice/sand/water table is always a hit and hardly ever any squabbles. Same with playdough. I know that might not work in your group but you could find some kind of activity for the 2 older ones that is safe. Plus with a 5 mo, you could put on music and have the other 2 dance and be silly to help entertain him. Toddlers are born naturals at being hams and performers.
Pepperth 05:52 AM 03-19-2015
This sounds a bit like my group. I have a 9 month old, and 18 month old and a 23 month old. I've gotten the 18 month old on the same schedule as the 23 month old nap-wise. I know he takes morning naps at home, but I've not been giving them here and he seems fine. The 9 month old is my own child so that's an advantage. I've been able to get his afternoon nap so that he goes down just before I feed the older kids. (That makes it so much easier.) and then he is still sleeping for a while as they nap.
Movingforward 08:15 AM 03-20-2015
Thanks! I will be working on getting the older two to be on the same nap schedule. I think that would help a lot in terms of how our day flows. The older two are starting to be able to sit side by side without any conflicts for a little bit so that's an improvement.
Taking things one step at a time.
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