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childcaremom 10:45 AM 06-26-2015
So a new dcg started 2 weeks ago. She has been part time and starts full time on Monday.

She cries non-stop in the morning. She won't play or engage with any toys. She cries if the other dcks look at her, come near her, talk to each other. If I leave the room, she screams. The only time she does not cry is if she is in the high chair or I am holding her. She will immediately stop crying as soon as I pick her up.

After nap she is a bit better. Will play for about 30 mins before starting to cry again.

I have talked to mom and dad about her seeming unsure around the other kids and crying a lot and we both think that it will get better when she is here full time.

Tags:new daycare starts, new to daycare, non stop crying
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