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TillmanGreen 04:46 AM 09-28-2018
I start my new job on Monday and I'm a little nervous. ( Preschool teacher) because I haven't done something like this in 4 years. Also, talking with the parents is something that I've always had trouble with and would like to work on. For some reason I get nervous talking to them. Any tips on first day, week, month jitters?
racemom 12:50 PM 09-28-2018
Relax! Remember you are there for the kids, make sure they have a great day and the parents will like you.

When I first started the parents made me nervous, so I just focused on the kids and only greeted parents with a good morning.
Jiminycrickets 01:33 PM 09-28-2018
You will do great! If you've been in childcare/ECE before, it's like riding a bike, you don't forget how, and you will be back in the swing of it in no time!
As far as parents go, I was sooo afraid of them for, I don't know, like the first 10 years I did this, but honestly, most parents just want to know how their kids are doing. They aren't trying to trick you into saying something wrong (I learned this when I became a parent and my ODS went to preschool. ) Just be honest but pleasant.
It always helps me to just think of a couple things ahead of time to say about their day before pick-up. ("Janey had a good day! She had fun riding trikes and drawing butterflies with sidewalk chalk.") I have something to say, they understand I am actually keeping an eye on their specific kiddo, everyone is happy.
It also helps to remember to give two positives for every negative, if I need to give one. Again, I need to think this out ahead of time a bit, just because I am a little shy and nervous around people I don't know super well.
P.S. Say hi to my fellow cheeseheads for me.
TillmanGreen 04:42 PM 09-28-2018
Thanks guys. I have been in the class here and there this past week so the kids have an idea of me. But yeah, just gotta make sure the kids are having a good time.......Here I am, almost 30 and still nervous about going to preschool lol.
Baby Beluga 11:27 AM 10-01-2018
Good luck today! Let us know how it went
Josiegirl 04:57 AM 10-03-2018
How is it going?? Hey, new things are challenging and make many people anxious and worried. I'm sure you're doing fine, just feeling new job jitters.
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