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Daycare and Taxes>Can I Count This Towards Hours Spent On Daycare......
Jewels 06:46 AM 01-26-2011
I was wondering last year I took two courses on the Eager to learn website, taking these for my grant training requirements, county training requirements, and towards getting my CDA...........these were all online courses at home, and included homework, I spent quite a bit of time on these courses, and I recorded it, but wasn't sure If I could use it, so I recorded it aside just in case??
Blackcat31 07:30 AM 01-26-2011
I also had on-line classes that I counted towards my CDA but in order to do that I had to make sure I took the on-line classes for CEU's NOT for "hours" of training. Taking the on-line classes for the CEU's (continuing education units) made the classes cost more but that is the only way I could use them toward my CDA. Does that make sense? I would try to talk to the agency or organization that put the training on and talk to them as they are the ones who issue the CEU's.
Jewels 07:40 AM 01-26-2011
I asked the guy on the site about the CEU's, and he said CEU's were for keeping up your CDA, not initially recieving it............who knows, but can we use this as hours spent on daycare? in our T/S%
TomCopeland 09:31 AM 01-26-2011
You can count towards your time-space % the hours you spend on online classes that are directly related to your business as long as daycare children were not in your home at the time. Classes on Eager to Learn certainly qualify for this as would any classes you took to get a CDA.
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