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KBCsMommy 10:59 AM 11-21-2013
Hello ladies!
I have a project for my English class that I have to do for a final grade. The project is to do research on something write an essay and present it to the class.

I have decided to do my project on Monsanto and the additives in our foods that are basically poisonous chemicals, and how Monsanto and the FDA are working hand in hand to allow this...Are you following!!!

I know a lot of Ladies on here watch what they eat and do not serve their kids chemically altered foods, so my question is do you have any information or websites that you like or any movies that could help me out?

Thank you in advance
Cat Herder 11:27 AM 11-21-2013
Nannyde is the one who taught me about this stuff...down here if you can afford it, you eat it. Never thought to question it.

I still have nightmares from the video she made me watch.
Willow 11:42 AM 11-21-2013
I think Monsanto execs are idiots for the way they've marketed GMO and what they're doing with it, but it's not the big evil government/FDA/pharma conspiracy some on the internet seem to believe.

I can see both sides - that GMO is a necessary process, and why others are very concerned about the science behind it.
Michael 04:06 PM 11-21-2013
I was reading this article today on Dwarf Wheat and GMO. A must read for all:
Willow 06:42 PM 11-21-2013
Originally Posted by Michael:
I was reading this article today on Dwarf Wheat and GMO. A must read for all:
This is awesome information, and it should impact those with options.

My whole beef with those who have a beef with Monsanto/GMO is where does that leave the rest of the world? Sustainable crops, regardless of whether or not they are genetically modified or not, can literally mean the difference between life and death for very large populations especially in third world countries. Genetic engineering has kept many people without other options alive that otherwise would have starved to death.

Until there are options for them I think it's unfair at best, and ethically bankrupt at worst, to pull the option completely off the table for all.

I too was incredibly skeptical until I had a chance to speak to a rep for Cargill this past May. He admitted that it's new and uncharted territory. No one knows what the long term effects of genetically modified crops are going to be. But for the time being, even if it's a short term solution to world hunger, I'd bet those benefitting most from it would argue it is better than nothing at all. For a child living in a destitute state, staying alive today is more important than if the food sustaining them may cause them to develop heart disease 50 years from now.

The other thing most people don't realize is GMO isn't necessarily accomplished by mad scientist's in a lab filled with chemicals, drugs and artificial and poisonous intentions. I had pumpkins cross pollinate with squash in our family garden and it created a giant plant that produced orange stripped egg plant shaped veg. THAT is GMO and by no means is it inherently dangerous. It's something that happens frequently in nature and you never see droves of critters consuming it dropping dead. That engineers can take those modifications to create super crops that can withstand poor soil, too much or not enough rain or sun, insects and disease etc so they can produce higher yields to feed those in true need ought not be completely villified imho......
KBCsMommy 08:09 PM 11-21-2013
Originally Posted by Michael:
I was reading this article today on Dwarf Wheat and GMO. A must read for all:
Interesting article! Thank you Michael!

And Willow thank you for your comment's nice to see both sides of the story
Luna 05:59 AM 11-22-2013
Yes, thank you Willow. I have a terrible time putting my thoughts into words, so I'll just say I am on the side of the fence that says it's not all bad. I recall reading an article about gmo corn being banned from Haiti. They had been having success with it and it was taken from them.
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