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Misslexi 06:03 AM 03-20-2019
Does anyone have any tips to keep your OWN child on their nap cot?

I have a separate daycare space in my basement and am struggling with keeping my almost 2 year old on his cot. He stays in his own bed for night time and naps on the weekend but that's just when he's in his own bed. I've tried using a pack n play but he will just throw a fit and disrupt the others. Probably because he has a toddler bed in his own room. I've resorted to just holding him on the rocking chair until he's asleep and then putting him on his cot. Even then he'll try to fight me but it's the only way I've gotten him to sleep.
Please help!
Cat Herder 06:57 AM 03-20-2019
What would you do if he was a paid DC child?
Jupadia 07:04 AM 03-20-2019
Do you have to keep him in the same room.

With my own I dont have to (no regulations). I e had them sleep in their own rooms on different floor. But i do have monitors in their room and bring down the receivers for nap so i can hear. Also do quick checks on them. The youngest i only had napping down in daycare when he was still on multiple naps for day.
rosieteddy 07:04 AM 03-20-2019
I didn't do it with my own,but my Grandchild.I put him down like the others. Idid sit next to him on floor until he fell asleep.Could you just use his own room with maybe a baby moniter. Its hard but he will adjust as he gets older.
Ariana 10:56 AM 03-20-2019
I am not licensed but I kept my own kids in their own beds upstairs for nap. They had monitors and I would stay downstairs with the DC kids. It worked really well.
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