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MommyMuffin 04:27 PM 11-30-2010
I buy books from redleaf on barnes and noble all the time but it is getting expensive. My states information page doesnt have many updates neither does my daycare association.

I am looking for a magazine or website or newsletter to sign up for. I need something to read about daycare/childcare that is not a book ($$). I want something that is not a forum either...this is the only forum I spend time on because it is the best!
Any suggestions??
Abigail 05:19 PM 11-30-2010
Have you tried or

I just purchased four of Tom Copeland's books on and received them today! I only paid $15/book total including shipping/handling charges. Now I have TONS of reading to do. ha ha.

Do you ever use Craigslist? You can post a Wanted Ad and ask for any parenting or teaching magazines. Usually you can get them for a decent price or even free.
Crystal 05:28 PM 11-30-2010
Child Care Exchange is an awesome site with lots of free articles to read, as well as things you can buy. They have a magazine subscription as well, and you can take course through their magazines for relatively inexpensive. Also, be sure to sign up for the daily email, "Quote of the day"

here is a link:
Crystal 05:34 PM 11-30-2010
another really good one is Early Childhood News:
Crystal 05:35 PM 11-30-2010
Also, are their any specific topics you would like info on? I may have some things I can share with you.
MommyMuffin 06:08 PM 11-30-2010
I will check out those websites! thanks!

Basically anything daycare ideas, I really need some ideas of things to do with young kids 3 and under(right now I am having trouble keeping them active outside in the snow), running a buisness, basically how to improve myself and the care I give. I am looking into getting my CDA so hopefully that will keep me busy reading too.
Thanks ladies
MommyMuffin 06:16 PM 11-30-2010
Originally Posted by Crystal:
another really good one is Early Childhood News:
This one is awesome I am going to take my computer to the couch to relax and read! Thank you.
Crystal 08:20 PM 11-30-2010
For food ideas, and nutrition related activities you can get free publications through the USDA.

Go to online ordering, then check the childcare box and it will take you to an order form. There are lots of resources there, and they are all free. The Two Bites Club, near he bottom of the order form is an awesome free book (you can order 6) to share with the children and they get certificates and stuff at the end, if you want to do the activities. Read the list closely, there are many good items, and they are all free, including shipping.
Lilbutterflie 07:08 AM 12-01-2010
Just ordered stuff from the USDA food pyramid website, and I love the early childhood news website! Thanks, keep the ideas coming!
Crystal 07:21 AM 12-01-2010

BTW, if you go to the "music for learning" section on earlychildhoodnews, you can download free mp3's for children's music.
Blackcat31 11:39 AM 12-01-2010
I've used ideas from these sites before....
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