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Abigail 05:35 AM 12-10-2011
Does anyone have these?

I want the song cards and they no longer make them. I've googled and can't find anything online. Does anyone own the cards or know of another company that makes them? I don't want to buy true tone bells unless I can get some music cards to go with. Thanks!
melskids 05:52 AM 12-10-2011
Found these, but I dont know if they ship to the US.....

Found this too....

IDK if that helps....
Abigail 02:54 AM 12-11-2011
I still wish I could just get the music cards. LOL

Now what is the difference between a Xylophone and Glockenspiel?
mismatchedsocks 08:45 AM 12-11-2011
I saw these at crackerbarrel when i ate there a while back.

Not sure where you can just get music, maybe call the company?
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