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melissa ann 10:56 AM 01-25-2010
I have a 10 mo old dcb who has about 6 teeth.Which I find a little weird as my own 2 kids were like 1 before they got their first tooth. But anyway, with all these teeth he is putting holes in the tops of his bottles and leaking formula everywhere. I've been trying to get him to use a sippy cup with his formula. It's not really working, is he too young for a sippy cup? I'm tired of formula spilling out of his bottle because he bites holes in them.
Reply 11:17 AM 01-25-2010
it might take a couple days but he will figure out the sippy. here at 10 mo we phase out the bottles anyway. Transition to cups and by about 15 mo we are completely on a non sippy cup.
gbcc 11:18 AM 01-25-2010
No, he is not too young for a sippy cup. I have two 8mth olds that I am starting to use cups with. I would just advice getting the nubby ones instead of the hard plastic ones.
tymaboy 11:21 AM 01-25-2010
My one DCG had 3 teeth by the time she was 3 months. While the DCB did not get teeth till he was 6 or 7 months.

When it comes to sippy cups when they learn to hold their own bottle is when I intorduce the cup. For me it has nothing to do with teeth. When we start out I will hold the cup & tip it up so they can get the idea of it works & as they get better at holding their bottle I will let them try the cup on their own. My hardest problem is getting them to understand that we do not play with the cups & turn them upside down trying to get the juice out.
Childminder 12:01 PM 01-25-2010
Drs around here say to introduce sippies when you introduce juice. All kids in my care don't see a bottle after 12 mo.
Persephone 12:06 PM 01-25-2010
My son started with a sippy cup when I started him on foods. We started with just water. If the cup has a stopper in it, pull it out so the water or juice comes out a little when you tip it in their mouth. Once they got that down put the stopper back in.

As for formula in the sippy cup. Most kids won't like that too much, since they are use to it in a bottle.
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