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DBug 08:04 AM 04-26-2012
I am totally in love with this website:

It's a free nature sounds mixer with lots of different sounds to choose from. I've been playing with it for the last month or so. I put it on for our morning free play time, and it's amazing how much more calm the kids are when I have it going! I've got a mini-tornado dcb, and playing this in the background seems to allow him to focus on one toy at a time, rather than running around dumping things and bouncing off the walls. I usually have either forest sounds or beach sounds playing -- the forest seems to work better for us (perhaps because that's closer to what's in our surrounding area?)

Anyway, just wanted to share!
joysjustlikehome 08:27 AM 04-26-2012
Thank you so much for sharing this - I have the ocean sounds on - not sure if the kids are calmer but I feel better :0) ~Joy
Ariana 10:22 AM 04-26-2012
Awesome!! I play nature sounds on my tv all the time and it really does calm the kids
Heidi 11:45 AM 04-26-2012
lol...I just played the wolves, and my shih tzu keeps cocking his head like "are YOU talking to ME????"

Thanks! My kids will love this!
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