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SilverSabre25 08:56 PM 10-17-2010
Finally got to the point of reorganizing the playroom tonight...many of you probably remember the childproofing thread from a couple weeks ago and the concerns expressed by some of you about the safety of the space. On the whole, I agreed with those concerns (although the practical side of me doubts any child, save one with severe difficulties, would ever intentionally jump over that railing, I can see where accidents would happen) and have been trying to come up with a solution. The final nail, as it were, came when I discovered last week that I'm pregnant and I started trying to envision how to fit a small baby and his/her "gear" into this space (plus, two dc families have told me that they're going to start TTC within the next few months, so I'm looking at three total tiny ones within the next year or so).

This design is far from perfect, but I believe it addresses most of the prior issues. I have plans to further revamp things in the next few months, but this is what I could come up with right now. Let me know your thoughts and opinions!

This links direct to a slideshow now, let me know if it doesn't work for you

eh, felt like I needed another disclaimer. The before layout has only been in place about a month; I thought it would help cut down on the tendency of the toys to get strewn all across the room (play kitchen stuff ending up in the opposite corner, for example), but really, it just made cleaning up more annoying. I hated that layout and am quite relieved to have it open again.
mac60 03:36 AM 10-18-2010
You did a very nice job. Nice space.
ddnanny13 07:34 AM 10-18-2010
looks great! I admire your organization! I find it a little funny when we all post pics of our playrooms. We all seem to have the exact same toys. I actually caught myself staring at your toy bins saying to myself, hey we have that, and that, and that! Great minds think alike!
DCMomOf3 08:33 AM 10-18-2010
Very smart to move the kitchen to the railing. I think it looks great.
momofsix 01:08 PM 10-18-2010
So if i'm seeing things correctly, your kitchen and stuff is in front of the railing? And higher than the railing? From what I'm seeing, it doesn't even look like the lattice may be needed-but you can see it best!
It looks REALLY GREAT! Good work!
handemom 06:38 PM 10-18-2010
I think that the kitchen in front of the railing is great, it looks really nice!
SilverSabre25 07:49 PM 10-18-2010
Thanks everyone!

momofsix, yes, the kitchen and other shelves in front of the railing are taller than the railing. The lattice (if I do it) will go above the end of the railing where nothing can go because of the gate. That's where the biggest drop off is, too.
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