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Ladybutterfly 01:06 PM 04-03-2018
A formerly breastfed 7mo old DCK just switched to formula. Now constipated and very unhappy. What advice can I give to the parents? Anything they can give her? She used to be such a happy girl.

Plus, now she tries to poop every few minutes, only getting a tiny bit out, making me have to change her all the time!
Cat Herder 01:55 PM 04-03-2018
They will need to get more fiber and water into her diet.

Unfortunately many parents bump up acidic fruit intake, instead, leading to awful diaper rashes. Hopefully they don't go that route.
rosieteddy 02:07 PM 04-03-2018
An old remedy was karo syrup.About 2 oz in warm water or apple juice.Also pears,plums oatmeal cereal sometimes help.
hwichlaz 02:08 PM 04-03-2018
Yep, water.

Is she eating baby food? If she is eating B,L, S with you, have her get her 6oz(whichever the smallest amount allowed for her age is because she’s getting solids with it) of formula at those times, then offer her lots of water between meals. Or offer water with meals, and formula in between. Either one will work.
TheMisplacedMidwestMom 02:47 PM 04-03-2018
1oz water + 1oz pear juice... if that doesn't work 1oz apple juice + 1oz water. Also a warm bath will sometimes help them relax enough to push it out.
Ariana 04:12 PM 04-03-2018
Stop dairy and bananas, more water and fibre fruit like blueberries.

My daycare baby was very constipated last week. She eats a ton of dairy and not much else so when she is with me I pump her full of water and different fibre rich fruits.
Mad_Pistachio 07:50 PM 04-03-2018
I made "prune tea" and used it in place of water for formula.
take 2-3 whole prunes and steep in 8-10 oz of hot, almost boiling water for about 2-3 minutes. strain, cool down, and use for making formula. no sugar, nothing, just this "tea."
it's not as strong as a prune juice, but helps move things along.
I occasionally used it starting at 3 months old.
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