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Core12 04:07 AM 12-20-2020
I want to convert my garage into a daycare area in Missouri. I have not found the licensing regulations. Would someone please help me?
Cat Herder 06:27 AM 12-20-2020
This is what I found. :

 It must be clean, free of insects and vermin.
 It must have working heating and cooling systems.
 It must have potable, running water, at least one (1) flushable toilet and one (1) sink for hand
washing accessible to children.
 Hygiene items such as toilet paper, soap, hand drying towels (paper or cloth) must be accessible to
 The food preparation area is clean and equipped to prepare snacks and meals.
 It must have inside space for play and napping.
 Hazardous materials must be inaccessible to children.
 Smoking in the home prohibited while children are present.
 Weapons and ammunition stored in locked cabinets inaccessible to children.
 Smoke detectors and fire extinguisher present.
Cat Herder 06:34 AM 12-20-2020
I put central heat/AC on separate wiring, a portable handwashing sink, 2 inch padded vinyl flooring, and a new insulated garage door. I was able to skip the toilet due to the short distance to the one in the family room. The state would not budge on the "warm running water" handwashing sink in the main playroom, though. Your state rules sound similar to mine.
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