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Country Kids 07:12 PM 02-28-2012
Do any of you practice these in your home during childcare? I guess one of our home childcares in the area had to do one because the police were chasing an armed person through that area.

My wondering is though how many people would be prepared for this and know what to do? I would have everything on hand for it but not sure if practicing would totally terrify my group. Also, with the way my group is they probably wouldn't quiet down for it anyway.

I remember years ago we had a police chase through our neighborhood,helicoptor and everything. They got him a few doors down but we were all wondering what was going on so we were all standing in our front yards talking about it.
Breezy 07:29 PM 02-28-2012
I'm not sure but would be interested to hear others responses. I have had helicopters fly over my house looking for people in the past- mostly at night. This area of Arizona is kind of rough... Not my neighborhood but the areas around it so I wouldn't be surprised if something happened like that.
Cat Herder 07:40 PM 02-28-2012
Sheltering in Place is the preferred plan for this.

Basically you move them away from windows/doors in a central location, use your dead bolts/close blinds, have your "go folder" ready to evacuate, keep a phone close by...... all just like in a tornado/severe weather drill.

As far as the kids know, it IS a tornado drill.
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