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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Kind Of Field Trips Do You Go On?
LaLa1923 01:55 PM 05-31-2013
What kind of field trips do you go on??

Here I plan on:


Science Center

Petting Farm


Port Discovery

Local Parks

I'd love some of your ideas!! Where will you be going??
Michelle 02:47 PM 05-31-2013
Water parks

Nature center

Children's Museum

Centennial Farm (kids get to watch cows being milked)

various parks...but never the little kids public pool... nobody ever enforces swim diapers and I get to grossed out thinking about it

VBS ..our church takes them from age 3

fire department..(they love kids)

Police station

post office..has to be arranged ahead of time

Disneyland (our kids get in free...we have passes)

space museums

PBS station
MissSarah 04:47 PM 05-31-2013
I'm not doing any field trips until school gets out at the end of June but I've got a few planned:

Kids Museum

Science Center

Wildlife Park

Library (regularly)


Petting Zoo (maybe)

We'll be going to parks/playgrounds pretty much everyday...we're doing landscaping in our yard this year so I don't really have a play area here. Luckily there is a playground half a block from here.
Lyss 05:17 PM 05-31-2013
Indoor parks (it rains a lot here)
Indoor Bounce Houses (Super Bounce I think its actually called, I always forget )
Children's museums (we have 2 neat ones locally)
Splash fountain parks in summer
Occasionally McDonalds play place when I have a small group and its raining (I buy them a juice or apple slices so I don't feel rude but I personally dislike their food)
Police/fire stations
Hiking (obviously kid friendly tails! )
SquirrellyMama 08:12 PM 05-31-2013
In the summer we go to a state park near us and hike, wade in the water and picnic.

Other places:

Living History Museum
Iowa Arboretum
4H meetings We do some really fun stuff.
County Fair
State Fair
Science Center (less in the summer)
Splash Park
Dairy Farm

I love field trips!

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