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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>New Here : )
Dragonfly 12:01 PM 07-10-2013
Hi! I'm a new member here and I already LOVE this site! Found it a couple of days ago and have been reading and gathering lots of great advice and other info. I have been in child care in a variety of settings, nanny, child care centers, children's home, and home day care, which is what I am currently doing. I've been somewhat frustrated lately and was searching for answers mostly regarding parents. My frustration lessoned when I realized my parents are not unique and other providers have the same problems! I also realized I need to re-do my handbook/contract and actually have the parents SIGN the handbook. I'm very laid back and expected people to READ and respect my policies. I hate having to tell parents things like "please bring your child (who is potty trained) with underwear ON"! (As opposed to no underwear because the child "refused" to put any on). I found tips on how to discuss hard issues with parents and enforcing my policies. I know there is still a ton of info on here! So glad I found this : )
Blackcat31 12:17 PM 07-10-2013
Well, welcome aboard!

Glad to have you!

Looking forward to getting to know you better
Michael 12:32 PM 07-10-2013
Welcome to the forum

Yes, there are a lot of tried and true lessons here from providers and parents that have taken the time to add to our ever growing childcare content. Feel free to ask any questions regarding this forum including our social groups and member status.
Familycare71 03:19 PM 07-10-2013
Hi! I am fairly new too . I also love it here because we all are basically dealing other the same stuff no matter where we are from . I have also found that - generally- even if people disagree they do it kindly...
Brooksie 03:22 PM 07-10-2013
Welcome!! Glad you're enjoying the site!
AmyKidsCo 05:37 PM 07-10-2013
Welcome! I'm fairly new here too, but it's a great place to hang out.
Dragonfly 07:33 PM 07-10-2013
Thank you!!
kimmills 08:49 AM 07-12-2013
Hello and welcome to the forum, I am also pretty new here and am getting lots of things to learn. Hope you would also enjoy the experience here. Looking forward for some interaction with you.
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