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Abigail 01:36 AM 08-21-2010
Does anyone know of a site that has children's books according to theme? I have searched and googled, but have not found exactly what I'm looking for. I would like a list of children's books for daycare according to theme. For example:
has a list of Farm Themed Books, but this site doesn't cover many themes with book lists. I'm looking for title/author and it needs to be age appropriate. It will be used for my curriculum I've finally started! Yay!

The reason I'm looking for good sites with many lists of theme-related books is because I'm creating a "Reference" page for all my themes to credit where I found the information. This is also true for my arts/crafts/science/music pages so I know where to go to print more if I don't want to photocopy what I printed already.

I did find this site:
Which specifically has farm animals for the current theme I'm working on, but please share any other popular sites for book choices according to theme! Thanks!
kitkat 04:28 AM 08-21-2010
I am not aware of any websites. However, our local library has a service available to teachers, daycares, and home daycares where you can request material and they pull it for you. You give them the theme, age, etc and they get the stuff for you (not sure how long it takes). You could try your library and see if they have a similar service through the Children's Dept. Instead of having them get the books, you could just request a list of books. Could also try the online catalog at the library.
kendallina 06:56 AM 08-21-2010

This site has lots of great activities per theme and she also links to some books on amazon for each theme. I hope this helps!
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