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KEG123 09:31 AM 07-14-2011
Have you ever gotten one? And if so, how long did they grant it for? Just curious as I got a call this morning for someone looking for care for their not yet born child (due in Jan, needing care in March) but my one dcb won't be 30 months old until May.
MarinaVanessa 09:41 AM 07-14-2011
I've never gotten one but two months doesn't seem so bad to me. I think 3 or more would be pushing it. The best way to find out is to call licensing, every area is different.
Meeko 09:44 AM 07-14-2011
My licensing office won't give variances for this. I understand why. If they give a variance for two months, then they should give for 10 weeks,,,and then thee months,,,,then 4 etc. They just tell us to stick to the reg. Even one week will get you in trouble if they show up for a visit.
Blackcat31 09:48 AM 07-14-2011
I think every state must do them differently because we are allowed to request a variance for up to 12 months and then of course there are stipulations involved with every situation so I would ask my licensor for what your options are.
Michael 01:20 PM 07-14-2011
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