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justgettingstarted 01:21 PM 12-05-2011
I've been on this forum for a few months reading and learning so much (thank you!!). So, I knew better but when you're first starting up and the calls are barely creeping in you think you'll take whatever you can get. I signed on my first child for 2 to 3 varying days each week. Love the mom, love the baby, it's been a great intro to daycare. Now the calls are rolling in and if I sign on the latest I will have a conflict in a few months when a fulltime infant starts (I'll be over my infant limit on the days the part-timer is here). Financially I think I'll need to let go of the part-timer to accept the full-timer but am feeling sooooo guilty.

She's a nurse so her schedule varies and she had been using a drop in center but really wanted a smaller in-home daycare so baby would have a smaller group and a consistent caregiver. I really never thought I'd be in the position of having too many babies! Would you sign on a new child knowing it meant terming another in a few months? I'd really prefer to have just a few fulltime infants and toddlers eventually so I guess that means terming my part-timers eventually anyway.
kayla 01:32 PM 12-05-2011
I dont know the rules where you are from but i think it would be worth a try to talk to your licensing agent to see if maybe you could get a variance??
GretasLittleFriends 01:42 PM 12-05-2011
Trying a variance is a good idea. If that doesn't work, you could explain the situation to the existing mom and ask if she would be willing to switch to full time. How set are you on taking the new infant? Personally, I would be wary of terming a great mom and baby for a new client, you may find yourself regretting that decision. Just my .02.
CheekyChick 02:11 PM 12-05-2011
If her days vary from week to week, you are basically setting aside an ENTIRE week for her - even though she doesn't use the entire week (if that makes sense).

I would tell her that she has two options:

A) She needs to give you a set schedule (like: Monday, Wednesday, Friday) so you can fill the other two days with a part timer.

B) She needs to enroll her daughter full time so she can use whatever days she wants and change her schedule on a weekly basis. You might even want to cut her a small discount for going full time, especially since she won't be there five days per week.

In my personal opinion, if you are just starting out and you want to get a GOOD reputation in your community - I would never let her go to take in another child. It just isn't good business when you're just starting out.

Good luck.
grandmom 02:14 PM 12-05-2011
The parents with the special needs - rotating schedule, early hours, limited money - all find the new providers right away. Because they know we will take anyone.

Do what you need to for your business. Just be careful and don't take a young knowing you'll let them go in a few months, that's so hard on them.
cheerfuldom 02:31 PM 12-05-2011
Do what works for you. You will lose a lot of money holding a spot for a part timer. I wouldn't let them go until like a month or a few weeks before the new baby starts though. the new family might bail on you before the starting date, happens a lot with infants.
jojosmommy 07:37 PM 12-05-2011
Tough spot. Does it work well for the other kids and yourself to only have an infant a few days a week? I prefer a varied schedule with my kids that way on lighter days without infants I can focus more on big kid games/messy projects etc things I can't and won't do with babies whos needs are much different. I like the balance I have with my one part time family. Maybe there is a way you can balance both the $ aspect and the fact that you like the family. I have found that it is more important to find people you like, whos kids fit the program, who you communicate well with than people who will pay you more each week just b/c of a schedule difference.
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