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tmcp2001 12:14 PM 07-29-2010
Hi all,

I'm filing a variance request to be over capacity (max is 6 under SA and I'll be at 7 two days/week for the fall - assuming they approve the variance request). One question on the form asks "What extra measures will be taken to provide for the health, safety and protection of the children in your care?" I'm not sure what they want me to put here - 7 unders SA and 2 SA isn't all that different from 6 under SA and 2 SA.

Any suggestions?? I really need this approved or I may lose one of my families (one family's schedule change lead to being over capacity, it's not a new family). Thankfully it's only a problem until January when I will have my class C license for 10 under SA!

DCMom 12:33 PM 07-29-2010
I'm assuming that you have and A1 license, right? Ten total, six under school age? Are you are not over in total # of kids, just over enrolled in the age category?

I was in a similar situation (two families were expecting at the same time) and I just stressed that I would continue to follow observe all health and safety rules as outlined in DHS Chapter 9502. I would also state that it was due to a schedule change of a current family, only two days a week and temporary in nature.

A nice cover letter to your licensing worker wouldn't hurt either

What county are you in?
tmcp2001 12:41 PM 07-29-2010
Thanks DCMom! I'm in Anoka County and yes, I have an A1 license. So, no I'm not over for total # of children, just for the age group. I did specify that it was due to a schedule change for current children. I'd guess it's probably easier to approve if it's not due to adding a new family?

I think that is a great suggestion to refer to the codes - sounds very professional! I couldn't imagine what they wanted me to put there - like I said, there's pretty much nothing I would do differently for one extra child, lol!

Were you approved when you filed your variance? I'm a little nervous about it - and I need it!!
DCMom 03:02 PM 07-29-2010
I am in Ramsey County and they do variance approvals by committee~all the licensing workers review the variances and discuss whether or not to approve. I think that is a good way to do it.

I think they take many things into consideration; ages of the kids enrolled, how long you have been licensed, how many days you will 'over', etc.

I was approved for the original variance and the extension six months later (it was Sept-May). Don't sweat it; I think as long as you don't make a habit of it and it is a short term thing you should be fine.

Good Luck
tmcp2001 06:44 PM 07-29-2010
Thanks for all the info! That sounds like what my licensor said they do here too. She said the committee reviews the variance requests once a month - I need mine to start in September so I popped it in the mail tonight. Crossing my fingers now!
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