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thwomp 03:23 PM 03-22-2014
Hello, everyone.

I'm a SAHM of two young children. I've been back and forth over whether to do child care since my first was born just over two years ago and have finally decided to go ahead with it. I have a fairly small home but I'll only be taking a few kids (I can care for up to three in my state without a license). If all goes well and it's something I enjoy, I may eventually get licensed and take on more.

I have a site on and have posted ads on craigslist and a couple other sites. Still waiting for my first call! I have moderate social anxiety so dealing with interviews/new clients will be the most difficult part for me. It seems like there's a lot of great information and support on this forum.
Luvnmykidz 04:10 PM 03-22-2014
Welcome to the forum! I think you will find a lot of information and support on here.
Tsadri 11:34 AM 04-03-2014
I hear you on the anxiety front. When I got my webpage set up and the calls began, I'd freak out a little every time my phone rang. I kept a list of questions I wanted to ask with me in my pocket and that helped me tremendously. After the first few times, I was able to put on the professional persona and the anxiety would fade into the background until the conversation was over.
MissKrys 07:59 PM 04-18-2014
Right there with you on the social anxiety! I have my hubby return calls for me right now, but I kind of stress on my site that email will get the quickest reply. Which is totally true, because I don't have to work up the courage to send an email, haha. Meeting in person isn't a difficult for me as talking on the phone for some reason.
Second Home 12:23 PM 04-21-2014
Keeping a list of questions near the phone to read off of and fill in the parents answers is a great way to remember what was talked about .
Also have a list of your contract and policies ready to go over at face to face interviews .
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