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Josiegirl 10:32 AM 05-24-2014
I guess we're allowed to apply for a summer variance if there are school aged kids that need to come back(as long as we've had them right along) if it'll put us over numbers. So say we're allowed 6 FT, we can ask to be allowed 4 more FT. I just learned this the other day and have already told 2 dcfs I could not take them back this summer. Well, now I've learned I can take one of the families back(they both have 2 sibs). They're both long time dcfs.

How do you choose like that? What makes it worse is within the 2 families, there are 3 10-11 yo girls and they all text each other all the time. So no matter which family I choose, the other one is going to know. Both wonderful families and I love all the kids. Though there is a 7 yo dcb who can be a handful and his 10 yo ds who gets bored easily. The other family has 2 dd, 10 and 11 who are wonderful little mother's helpers.

I know which one I'd prefer but how do I fight the feelings of guilt? Especially after this family said they understood, and if there was ever anything I needed, to just call, cause I'm like family to them.

Ugh. Maybe I won't take any of them back. But I really need the extra money. Any advice to this dilemma? I know business is business but I'm not always very good separating the 2.
VTMom 11:35 AM 05-24-2014

Perhaps offer the spot (assuming the variance is allowed) to the family that has been with you the longest? So the first family originally enrolled with you gets the first option to take the summer spot. There's a chance they've already made arrangements, so I'd make sure they committed in a relatively small time-frame. If they decline, that may give you enough time to offer it to the other family.
Josiegirl 02:31 PM 05-24-2014
By any chance VTMom, do you get a summer variance(being from Vt. also)?
VTMom 05:36 PM 05-24-2014
I haven't received a variance although I just applied for my first one a couple weeks ago. Licensing just came a week and a half ago for a variance request "visit" as well as an announced visit. She told me that the state is being more lenient to make things easier for families. Prior to this spring, I had heard that it was near to impossible to get a variance.

I'm just asking for a variance for one child to come on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm not sure if the limited frequency helps or hurts my request.

You can apply for a variance online at Bright Futures, although I couldn't because the application wouldn't accept the regulation number I was entering (it asks for the regulation number you're trying to tweak).

I can let you know what happens from here if you want. Good luck!
Josiegirl 03:32 AM 05-25-2014
They have to come visit to approve the variance? Oh man I always get the jitters knowing they're coming.
I really am glad they're being more lenient, most of the school age kids have been coming since they were just wee little things. It's difficult to say no when they do become like family yet you can't keep their spots open all year; not financially feasible.
VTMom 06:00 AM 05-25-2014
I was surprised when she said she was there for the variance request as well as my usual visit. I hadn't had a visit from licensing in over two years so I was due for that. I didn't ask if it was typical to have a variance visit or if she just threw that in there since she was there anyway. I think it's probably a good idea to visit for a variance request because of the likelihood that many may try to go over ratio with or without it, although I don't know who the state would have the time to check in all of the requests.
Josiegirl 11:47 AM 05-27-2014
VTMom, another question The lady from the state called me today; she wanted to know if all the kids will be here everyday this summer, any time off for any of them, plus she wants to know of my daily schedule planned seeing as how I'd have older kids too. Did you get quizzed like that; what did you have to provide?
VTMom 03:45 PM 05-27-2014
Originally Posted by Josiegirl:
VTMom, another question The lady from the state called me today; she wanted to know if all the kids will be here everyday this summer, any time off for any of them, plus she wants to know of my daily schedule planned seeing as how I'd have older kids too. Did you get quizzed like that; what did you have to provide?
She did ask me the same questions. I'll have between 5 and 6 full time kids over the summer, but I have 5 full timers plus 5 after school kids during the school year. She wanted to know if I wanted the variance for the additional 4 so I could watch up to 10 kids full day over the summer. way for this girl. I was just asking for a 7th full timer over the summer for 1-2 days per week (1 over my full time allowance). She also asked about my summer schedule and I admitted that I allowed them to watch a movie in the afternoon after they read for an hour and when the younger kids were napping. We're talking 7-11 year olds. She mentioned that unless the movies were educational, then that's against regulation. She seemed understanding that that age group isn't exactly interested in PBS kids anymore and volume is an issue.

I did receive notice today that I was approved for my 1 child over variance! So different from 2 years ago when I was trying to get a variance for a child about to go into kindergarten that needed care for less than 4 hours a day (with his school age brother), had been attending all school year, and would only be there 3 days a week max. I was told not to even bother with applying because they only gave variances in emergencies.

Did any of that make sense? It's been a long day and it looks pretty rambly!
Josiegirl 04:49 PM 05-27-2014
Yes it did. thank you I wrote her an email tonight, answering her questions. I wasn't sure whether to tell her too much or just a little. Hopefully I hit a nice balance somewhere in between. Lol
It took 2 weeks for them to let you know? Yikes. They must have received my variance today and called me around noon with questions.
I'm glad you were able to get your variance granted! It should've been a no-brainer with you, you weren't asking for an extra crowd, just 1 part timer. How do they think large families do it? I went to school with a girl who was 1 of 14 kids.
I'm glad they seem to be loosening their rules a little bit.
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