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Unregistered 08:48 AM 02-10-2015
I have a dcg2 with amazing speech, she always told me when she was wet or dirty always but in the last 3 weeks she's regressed majorly when it comes to telling. She will poop and sit in it and when you ask if she went she says no and it's honestly like she doesn't know she did? I don't know how to explain. Mom thinks starting her in panties at home will help?? She doesn't know lately when she's wet or dirty how will that help.
laundrymom 09:26 AM 02-10-2015
I vote laying off until middle of March and see how it is. I know it's frustrating, but I promise... Promise, she'll be potty learned before prom.
Unregistered 01:58 PM 02-11-2015
I would stop asking and just check. Panties definitely WON'T help! Just a big mess for you!
Controlled Chaos 06:59 AM 02-14-2015
Diapers and just sit her on the potty when you change her for a bit. I am dictator, I never ask a child if they need to go. I say "potty time! It's Jane up to bat, Jack is on deck and sue is in the hole!" Can you guess my favorite sport Everyone goes
Thriftylady 07:10 AM 02-14-2015
I do not allow panties at daycare until fully potty trained, it will be a disaster. There are different ways to handle this and it depends on the child. My daughter was the one I swore would be going to school in diapers. I ended up solving her issue by dropping it for awhile. Turns out what she and I had going on was a power struggle. As soon as I quit nagging, begging, pleading, and fretting and shut up guess who started using the potty on her own? Not saying that will solve your issues, but it worked for me.
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