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tenderhearts 08:08 AM 12-29-2010
I have a 9 mo old dcg who seems to have become aggressive and whiney to my other 11 mo old. She will crawl towards him and head butt him, grab his shirt and pull him down, grab his face, pull his hair and whines while doing this, he just sits there and takes it. I always go over to her and tell her gentle and remove her hand from him and if it continues I remove her from there and place her at something else. Usually she will just crawl right back. If he goes by her she will whine and start all over. He is never like that towards her. She's not excited because she's whining. She's not overwhelmed because it starts pretty much right when she gets here and they are the only 2 here at that time. I've never had a baby do this so is this a normal behavior of a baby??
tenderhearts 08:23 AM 12-29-2010
Oh I should also add they have been with each other for months so it's not like one is new.
laundrymom 09:30 AM 12-29-2010
I would stop rewarding her with a gentle reaction, tell her 'off' loudly, pick her up firmly without snuggled, and sit her on the other side of the room. I would wait for her to do it and the moment she did I would repeat. No happy gentle, a firm OFF. And remove her from her attention getter. It's the same as giving a barking dog a treat. You give a calm well behaving dog a treat, not a hyper misbehaving one. Kids are the same way. Infants do not speak English. They speak tone. A happy tone gentle voice and soft touch mean they are doing right, a firm voice, stern tone, and quick removal followed by no attention means holy poop, that must be wrong.
tenderhearts 09:58 AM 12-29-2010
Ok thanks, i just wasn't sure what was an a appropriate reaction for a 9 mo old since she obviously doesn't know what she's doing, I've never had to "discipline" a 9 mo old before, seemed crazy, I'll do that and see what happns. thanks
Tags:infant play space, infant safety, separate rooms for different ages
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